Certified Green Professional (CGP):  What does it mean? Click here.

Every potential client asks us about our commitment to “green” building science and methodology. The truth is, we’ve been building “green” since day one (back then it was called “building smart”). In fact, every single home we’ve ever built employs the “green” mantra of energy efficiency, sustainability, healthier indoor air quality, comfort, and smaller carbon footprint. We have always, and continue to spend an enormous amount of time studying and learning about new products and different ways to build more efficiently and with less environmental impact in the effort to bring a superior product to our clientele. Whenever possible, we employ sustainable, energy efficient, and non-toxic materials. We use the very latest construction methods and design homes using architectural daylighting techniques,  striving to build the most cost effective, comfortable, enjoyable, healthy, and energy efficient homes possible.  While many of our standard features are already “green,” our process involves educating our clients as to the cost, payback, and overall VALUE of every possible “green” opportunity specific to your project. This assures that you can then make educated, confident decisions which best suit your specific “green” goals and budget.

Warning: “Green” is the new sales buzzword–we see so many false claims, and sketchy “technology.”  In fact, many builders who were marketing “green” heavily have curiously backed off of their “UN-sustainable” claims, promises, and guarantee’s…  We will help you weed through the hype and marketing.

Do your homework! (Or come talk to us… we’ve done ours.)

We are an accredited Certified Green Building Professional (CGP) as designated by the National Association of Home Buildersand  longstanding  members of the U.S. Green Building Council (LEEDS), the Greater Cleveland Home Builders Association (HBA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).